Best cheap electronic drum sets for beginners

Best cheap electronic drum sets for beginners

The best cheap electronic drums for beginners, these electronic drum kits are ideal for students playing at home since they are quiet and space-saving.

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Electronic (or electric) drums: advantages and disadvantages

Without a doubt, the ideal is to have an acoustic drum kit to start studying drums, but this is not always possible given the volume with which they sound and the space they occupy. For this reason, today’s electronic drums, increasingly versatile and complete, offer us a totally new universe.

For those who are not yet encouraged to venture into the fantastic world of electronic drums, we have prepared an analysis of the pros and cons of electronic drum kits.

Advantages of electronic kits:

Electronic drums have come a long way in offering a realistic sound and feel. Added to the fact that they come in kits compact enough to fit in your room and their ability to be used with monitors or headphones, they make electronic or electric drums the perfect drum set not only for beginners, but for any drummer who wants to practice on the go. his house.

In addition, modern electronic drum kits are compatible with Smartphones / iPhones and PC / Mac. Thus, the big brands such as Roland, Yamaha, Alesis, among others will allow you to interact through your mobile devices.

It is important that you know that the rubber or mesh pads found in an electronic kit produce noise when hit. But of course these are much quieter than an acoustic drum kit. In addition to taking up less space, electronic kits can also be folded away when not in use. Thus, you can place it in a corner of your bedroom or playroom.

Miking acoustic drums well is really complex. In turn, connecting an electronic drum kit to a DAW is a simple matter. Therefore, to record in your home studio, an electronic set is much more convenient and practical.

The best electronic drum kits to play at home.

Disadvantages of electronic sets:

Until now, we have named all the advantages of electronic or electric drum kits. However, electronic drums have their drawbacks. One is that they are usually not the full size of an acoustic kit. At the same time, no matter how close they get, they do not feel like a real acoustic drum kit.

Finally, while they sound super realistic, they don’t have the dynamics and sensitivity of acoustic drums. This means that while they are able to sense how hard you hit the drums and cymbals, they never have the same sensitivity and response as a real drum set.

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Summary of the usefulness and limitations of electronic drum sets

In short, electronic drum sets are ideal for playing in places that are not acoustically prepared, such as a room in your house. You sacrifice the sound and feel of an acoustic drum kit, but really modern electronic or electric drums sound and feel very realistic.

Options for electronic drums for students, our advice in a nutshell

The world of electronic drums is full of great options. Maybe, you are not sure which is the best option for you and you need a quick guide. Here, we make it easy for you to choose so you don’t make a mistake with your first electronic drum set.

The cheapest and most complete electronic drum set on the market

The Alesis Nitro Mesh is the best entry-level electronic drum kit for those looking to stay on a budget – $379 – but without sacrificing any features. This kit features a real kick pedal and mesh pads for a realistic feel.

The best quality cheap electronic drum kit

On the other hand, if you are looking for a drum of sufficient level that can accompany you throughout your musical life, the Roland TD-07KV is the complete set. It’s a significant investment at $999, but one that will get you Roland’s world-class quality. If your budget allows it, do not hesitate, this is the ideal option.

The best electronic drum kit for learning

If you are looking for a kit specially designed for learning, none beats the Yamaha DTX402K. This mid-priced set at $499 is the perfect option. Plus you get excellent Yamaha quality.

Best cheap electronic drum sets for beginners.

The best electronic drum set for small spaces

For those who have limited space and need as small a kit as possible, Roland offers the TD-1K. This compact kit, for $537, gives you all the Roland quality in a smart package.

The best electronic drums for beginner kids

If you’re looking for a set for a kid, the Alesis Debut Kit is the perfect choice for just $289. This electronic drum set includes everything you need to start drumming right away. In addition, its module is designed for young drummers to develop their musical knowledge.

The cheapest electronic drum set for beginners

Finally, if you’re looking for the cheapest set possible, the Alesis Turbo Mesh gives you a full drum set for just $299. For this low price you get mesh tom and snare pads for a more realistic feel.

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The best electronic drums for beginners

We have prepared a selection of the best electronic drum sets for each of the beginner drummer profiles.

  • Alesis Nitro Mesh (The most complete set at the lowest price)
  • Roland TD-07KV (The best set to accompany you throughout your life as a drummer)
  • Yamaha DTX402K (The best learning-oriented option)
  • Roland TD-1DMK (Roland’s best quality at the lowest price)
  • Alesis Turbo Mesh (The cheapest option)
  • Roland TD-1K (The best option for small spaces)
  • Yamaha DTX6K-X (A mid-range option at a reasonable price)
  • Simmons SD600 (The choice for those looking for a variety of sounds to record)
  • Donner DED-100 (Another very low priced option)
  • Alesis Debut Kit (Best Electronic Drum Kit for Kids)

Alesis Nitro Mesh (The most complete set at the lowest price)

Alesis Nitro Mesh - One of the best electronic drum kits for bedroom drummers.

Price: $379 / €390 / £339 | Pads: 3 Mesh Toms, 1 Dual Zone Mesh Snare, 1 Bass Drum Tower, 1 Integrated Hi-Hat Pedal, 3 Cymbals (including 1 Dual Zone Crash) | Kits: 40 | Bass Drum Pedal: Real | Ideal for: solo practice, recording rhythms, rehearsing with others

The Alesis Nitro Mesh stands out in our selection as one of the best electronic drum sets that offers great value. Mesh heads offer a much more realistic playing experience than traditional rubber pads and are quieter to the touch. Thus, considering the super competitive price, it is a serious contender for the best electronic drum sets for student drummers.

The module houses 40 drum kits, 385 sounds, plus 16 slots for user-created custom kits. Thus, you can put together a kit to your liking from the existing sounds. Plus, with USB connectivity, any budding drummer interested in producing hip-hop, electronic, or lo-fi music can record on a PC or Mac and let their creativity run wild.

The Alesis Nitro Mesh set also comes with great built-in software to help beginners learn to play drums. It also has 60 accompaniment tracks, metronome, sequencer and a performance recorder. With drumsticks, high build quality and a very fair price, this electronic drum kit stands out. In addition, it offers a red limited edition version like the one in the photo.

Pros of the Alesis Nitro Mesh

  • Great value for the price
  • Mesh heads for a realistic feel and lower noise
  • Scalability to customize your set
  • Royal Bass Drum Pedal
  • USB connectivity for recording and beat creation

Cons of the Alesis Nitro Mesh

  • It is not as sturdy as more expensive kits.
  • The kick drum sensor is a bit small for double pedal use.

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Roland TD-07KV (The best set to accompany you throughout your life as a drummer)

Roland TD-07KV, one of the best electronic drums for beginner drummers.

Price: $999 / €1049 / £923 | Configuration: 4 toms / mesh snare, 1x kick pad, 1x integrated hi-hat pedal, 2x cymbals, 1x hi-hat pad | Kits: 50 | Sounds: 143 | Connections: CD/MP3 Auxiliary Input, USB MIDI / Audio, Bluetooth, Stereo/Headphone Line Outs

The Roland TD-07KV is Roland’s latest addition to the V-Drums family. This electronic drum set is a standout in our selection of electronic drums for beginners or bedroom drummers. The TD-07KV features Roland’s own double-layer mesh heads on the snare and tom pads. It also features a separate kick pad and pristine studio-quality sounds that can be customized.

It also has a Bluetooth connection from the TD-07 to play along with the music I wanted. Additionally, it has a built-in USB audio / MIDI interface. In this way, the Roland TD-07KV is a set that will not only allow you to start, but will accompany you throughout your life as a drummer. Roland also includes 40 free interactive lessons through Melodics to keep you progressing.

Pros of the Roland TD-07KV

  • Customizable studio quality sounds
  • Full mesh patches
  • bluetooth connectivity
  • USB audio/MIDI for recording and beat making

Cons of the Roland TD-07KV

  • Its price does not adapt to limited budgets.

Yamaha DTX402K (The best learning-oriented option)

Yamaha DTX402K one of the best electric drums for beginners.

Price: $499 / €436 / £376 | Pads: 4 Rubber Tom/Snare Toms, 3 Cymbals, 1 Midi Bass Drum Pedal, 1 Integrated Hi-Hat Controller Pedal | Kits: 10 | Bass Drum Pedal: Electronic | Ideal for: practicing solo, learning skills behind the kit, building confidence

The Yamaha DTX402 series is perfect for beginners due to its quality and ease of use. Drawing on years of drum-building experience, Yamaha has packaged everything a beginning drummer needs to get started. The rubber pads feel high-quality and responsive, if a bit stiff compared to mesh alternatives.

The DTX402 module includes 10 customizable kits, with 287 high-quality drum and percussion sounds. Furthermore, it has 10 training tools including Fast Blast, Pad Gate, Rhythm Gate and recording functions.

One thing that makes this electronic or electric drum set stand out is the free ‘Yamaha Touch’ app for iOS and Android. This app offers deeper kit customization and some great training features. Among them stands out the “DTX Drum Lesson Program” that scores your interpretation of each song. If you’re looking for a kit with a focus on learning and development, no other drum kit beats the Yamaha DTX402.

Pros of the Yamaha DTX402K

  • High quality drum sounds
  • Excellent training programs for beginners.
  • Cymbals feel great

Cons of the Yamaha DTX402K

  • Rubber pads/pads are a bit stiff

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Roland TD-1DMK (Roland’s best quality at the lowest price)

Roland TD-1DMK an excellent choice for beginning drummers.

The cheapest mesh kit from the electronic drum experts

Price: $699 / €709 / £615 | Pads: 4 mesh tom/snare pads, 1 rubber kick pad, 3 cymbals | Kits: 15 | Bass Drum Pedal: Real (but not included) | Ideal for: recording beats, exploring sounds

With the Roland TD-1DMK it’s a low-priced drum kit with top-of-the-line Roland quality. It may not be the best option for a beginner since it does not have a kick pedal that you have to buy a real one separately. This is an option for those looking for the highest quality at a low price. The Roland TD-1DMK boasts a high build and sound quality that only Roland can offer. On the other hand, it is a basic set that does not allow customization and requires you to buy the kick pedal separately.

The TD-1DMK set is sturdy and feels great to play. Thus, with the double mesh heads doing an excellent job of replicating an acoustic kit. Also, the dual-zone snare drum and cymbals allow for more complex playing and dynamic range exploration, which is nice. The module includes 15 backing tracks, recorded with real instruments for more fun playing solo.

In short, this is a simple, high-quality kit that’s incredibly easy to use, though it lacks customization options.

Pros of the Roland TD-1DMK

  • Highest quality mesh heads in this price range
  • Excellent sound and build quality.

Cons of the Roland TD-1DMK

  • Does not allow much customization
  • Does not include kick pedal

Alesis Turbo Mesh (The cheapest option)

Alesis Turbo Mesh, a great option for beginner guitarists who want to play drums at home.

Price: $299 / €299 / £279 | Pads: 4 mesh tom/snare pads, 3 cymbals | Kits: 15 | Bass Drum Pedal: Electronic | Ideal for: learning to play the strings, trying out the drums, having fun

The Alesis Turbo Mesh kit is perfect for beginners. The module is simple and easy to use, with 10 drum kits and 120 sounds. There’s a coach mode that grades you on how well you play along with different time signatures, as well as 30 playback tracks and a metronome.

As with the Nitro Mesh, this kit comes with mesh heads, a drum key, and a pair of drumsticks. It doesn’t have a dual-zone snare or crash and the kick pedal is electronic, which isn’t ideal, but this set is meant to keep its price as low as possible for those on a budget.

In short, the Alesis Turbo Mesh Electronic Drum is ideal for beginners looking for the cheapest option. Here you will get excellent value for money. All the mesh heads feel great, the drum sounds and training modes are sufficient and super useful.

Pros of the Alesis Turbo Mesh

  • Excellent price for mesh heads.
  • Lots of cool features aimed at beginners.
  • Chopsticks / drumsticks included.

Cons of the Alesis Turbo Mesh

  • None considering its price.

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Roland TD-1K (The best option for small spaces)

Price: $537 / €475 / £409 | Pads: 4 rubber tom / snare pads, 3 rubber cymbals | Kits: 15 | Bass Drum Pedal: Electronic | Ideal for: confined spaces, electronic music production, general practice

Roland is the undisputed number 1 in quality, and also in higher price. This is an excellent quality set that takes up minimal space at a relatively reasonable price. Like all Roland electronic or electric drums, its sounds are among the best available, as is its build quality. The TD-1K offers 15 kits spanning traditional acoustic, electronic, and percussion drums with some really great audio.

The ear pads are made from tough and responsive rubber, but can be upgraded to mesh for a slightly higher price. The included pads and Ride are dual-zoned and chokeable, providing a realistic feel. The TD-1K Drum has a compact T-frame that reduces the size of the instrument.

Plus, this little drummer features Roland’s Rhythm Coach feature on the module, along with a metronome and 15 jam tracks. It features USB connectivity (which allows you to record or trigger alternative sounds, ideal for budding producers. Like all Roland products, this entry-level compact electronic drum set isn’t as competitively priced as others on this list, but its quality is undisputed.

Pros of the Roland TD-1K

  • Smart space-saving design
  • Quality Roland drum sounds
  • Excellent choice for those looking to produce electronic music.

Cons of the Roland TD-1K

  • A little expensive

Yamaha DTX6K-X (A mid-range option at a reasonable price)

Yamaha DTX6K-X, an excellent option for those looking for the unique quality of Roland in a low priced set.

Price: $999 / €845 / £863 | Pads: 1x mesh snare pad, 3x rubber toms, 3x 3-zone rubber cymbals | Kits: 40 | Bass Drum Pedal: Electronic Best For: Serious beginning drummers

The Yamaha DTX6 series is one of the more expensive options included here, along with the Roland TD-07KV, but we include it because this is a level above all entry level drums, given that it is a mid-range instrument. Yamaha. The 3-Zone Ride and Snare Cymbal Pads offer the excellent playing feel of acoustic kits. However, the padded rubber toms seem like a weak point for a set of this level and price.

This electronic or electric drum set features new sound modifier knobs, divided into ‘Ambience’, ‘Compression’ and ‘Effect’. These tweakable trim controls help you nuance your kit’s sounds incredibly easily. Something you don’t usually find in an electronic kit.

Finally, the Yamaha DTX6K-X includes Cubase A1, meaning budding session drummers and beat makers can start recording and creating right away. Add this to Yamaha’s great build quality and you’ve got a solid option for serious beginning drummers on a larger budget.

Pros of the Yamaha DTX6K-X

  • Improved drum module
  • 3-Zone Snare and Ride Cymbal Pads
  • Friendly sound adjustment controls
  • Cubase A1 included! 

Cons of the Yamaha DTX6K-X

  • Padded rubber toms whose exchange for mesh ones is a bit expensive.
  • For many beginners it can be very expensive.

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Simmons SD600 (The choice for those looking for a variety of sounds to record)

Simmons SD600, a classic of electronic drums offers a battery within the reach of beginning drummers.

Price: $599 / €549 / £489 | Pads: 4 mesh tom/snare pads, 1 mesh kick pad, 3 rubber cymbals | Kits: 35 | Bass Drum Pedal: Real | Ideal for: recording beats, producing music

Simmons is an iconic manufacturer of electronic drums thanks to the release of the SD5, the first ‘conventional’ electronic drum set with hexagonal pads in 1981. With the Simmos SD600 they have done a great job, and without a doubt one of the best electronic drum sets.

The SD600 has very good mesh heads, an iOS app is also included that offers various training programs. In addition, this app allows customization of the kit. Remarkable support designed to mount an iPad and interact with it while playing your favorite songs. The module is loaded with 35 kits, spanning 336 sounds, giving beginning producers plenty to play with. All in all, the easy DAW connectivity and playable nature of this kit make it a great choice, especially for those looking for a kit to use as a MIDI controller.

Pros of the Simmons SD600

  • Excellent sound library with 35 kits and 336 sounds
  • mesh heads
  • Easily connectable to DAW for use as a MIDI controller

Cons of the Simmons SD600

  • It takes more time than others to learn how to get the most out of it.

Donner DED-100 (Another very low priced option)

Price: $340 / €340 / £320 | Pads: 3 mesh drum pads, 1 mesh snare drum, 3 rubber cymbals, 1 built-in hi-hat pedal | Kits: 15 | Bass Drum Pedal: Electronic | Ideal for: For those looking for a complete drum at a low price

The Donner DED-100 Electronic Drum Kit is a 5-piece mesh drum kit that features 200 sounds from 15 kits, 20 backing tracks, and a built-in metronome. You can also record yourself directly on the drum module. It has an auxiliary input to play along with songs from your Smartphone or iPhone or any other mobile device. In addition, it works as a MIDI controller through its USB MIDI output.

Its low price stands out, ideal for those who have a limited budget but do not want to sacrifice features. It is a little more expensive than the Alesis Turbo Mesh but given the small difference we include it so you can have an option.

Pros of the Donner DED-100

  • Excellent price
  • Snare drum and mesh toms
  • Easy to mount and quiet
  • Includes drumsticks and audio input line

Cons of the Donner DED-100

  • Not too many considering its price.

Manufacturer website: Donner

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Alesis Debut Kit (Best Electronic Drum Kit for Kids)

Alesis Debut Kit, the perfect option for young drummers who start their drum studies.

Price: $289 / €240 / £200 | Pads: 4 mesh drum pads, 3 rubber cymbals | Kits: 10 | Bass Drum Pedal: Electronic | Best for: Kids, total beginners, or tentative hobbyists

The Debut electronic drum set is the ideal drum set for children with an excellent price-quality ratio. So for less than $300, you have absolutely everything a kid needs to become a drummer. The Alesis Debut includes a stool, drumsticks and headphones, as well as comprehensive metronome and melody learning software included.

Remarkable that the patches are mesh instead of rubber. Thus, they offer a more realistic feeling and are quieter. The module has 120 onboard sounds, divided into 10 kits, as well as 30 playable songs, which can be customized by keeping or bringing out certain instruments. This will give you a better understanding of how each song works. The Alesis Debut drum kit also features compatibility with iPhones and Smartphones, which means you can play your favorite music while you play. There’s also a MIDI output for connecting and recording to your laptop or audio interface.

So with a generous amount of features at a very low price, this kit is ideal for young beginning drummers. Additionally, the build quality is solid and the Melodics software and learning tools perfect for educating new drummers.

Pros of the Alesis Debut Kit

  • Superbly fair price
  • Everything ready to play: includes drumsticks, stool and headphones.
  • Mesh Toms and Snare 

Cons of the Alesis Debut Kit

  • Sooner or later, you’ll need to switch to a full-size drums.

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What is an electronic drum?

An electronic drum set is an instrument that electronically emulates an acoustic drum kit. An electronic drum set comprises a set of pads or hit pads connected by cables to a drum module, which is basically a small computer. The latter is fixed to the drums rack or frame. In a starter kit, you’ll usually find eight parts total: a snare or snare, three toms or timpani, three cymbals – hi-hat, crash and ride – and a bass drum. They are relatively easy to set up and it is possible to have everything connected and ready to play quickly.

Parts or components of an electronic drum kit

  • Pads or drum pads
  • Cymbal pads or pads
  • Drum pedals
  • Drum module
  • Hardware and cables

Drum pads or pads

Hit pads emulate various drum and percussion sounds when struck. They are made of rubber or mesh, and are designed to sound and feel like real acoustic drums. Mesh heads are more expensive, but feel more like an acoustic drum and offer less ambient noise. Rubber pads are cheaper but feel a bit less realistic and produce more ambient noise.

Cymbal pads or pads

The cymbal pads emulate the sounds of the metal cymbals of an acoustic drum kit. They are made of rubber and are designed to sound and feel like real metal cymbals. These generally have a drowning function, which means taking them by hand, immediately after hitting them with the drumstick so that they are silenced. But the cheaper versions do not have that capacity.

Drum pedals

Most beginner electronic kits will use a pad for the kick drum, along with an actual kick pedal. This means that a real ‘hype’ movement is taking place. In cheaper kits, to save costs manufacturers replace it with a fully electronic pedal, which will simulate the sounds entirely. These offer less dynamic range and are less realistic in their playing feel.

Drum module

The drum module or brain is the computer that contains all the information and functions. They are generally easy to use, with buttons to switch between kits and activate programs, songs and the metronome. This is also where the volume is adjusted and headphones or monitors are connected.

The best modules have more capabilities and better sound quality, while also providing better learning and practice tools.

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Hardware and cables

The drum and cymbal pads and module are held in a small metal frame or rack, usually shaped like a cage. In turn, each of the pads are connected to the module through cables. Most beginner electronic drum kits will be easy to set up and take up relatively little space.

The best electronic drum sets for beginners will have racks that are more solid and more closely respect the dimensions of an acoustic drum.

Is an electronic drum set a good choice for beginners? 

In general, an electronic kit will be the best option for learning to play drums. The main reasons are that one usually has limited space and an environment that is not very tolerant to the noise that an acoustic drum generates. Thus, with an electronic drum set, you can study in rooms with little space and without affecting your family members or your neighbors.

Additionally, electronic drum manufacturers include learning programs within the drum module that are ideal for beginning drummers. Features include backing tracks, accuracy tests in which a score is awarded based on the accuracy of your playing, and timing. In addition, the kits feature the ability to self-record and evaluate your performance and of course the all-important metronome to work on your ability as a drummer and play on time.

Finally, electronic drum sets offer different sounds that allow all musical genres to be covered. In fact, many popular genres use electronic drums instead of acoustic ones. These include hip-hop, R&B, techno, pop, and more. Therefore, an electronic kit is definitely favorable for beginners interested in developing these more contemporary styles of music or for those interested in producing music.

Is it easy to learn to play drums on an electronic drum kit? 

Absolutely, although electronic sets are not as visually and tactilely intuitive as acoustic sets. Electronic drum kits, thanks to their modules or drum brains, offer interactive learning features with your touch. Additionally, without exception, they feature a metronome function to ensure that any student can work on timing, the most essential skill of a drummer.

Plus, being quieter than acoustic drums, you can practice anytime, even at night without disturbing the neighborhood. This will allow you to progress faster. Also, electronic drum kits provide a variety of different sounds compatible with any musical style.

Do I need to buy an amplifier for my electronic drum set?

Of course not! Precisely, one of the great advantages of electronic drum kits is that they can be used with headphones, and have more privacy and not disturb anyone. Of course, if you prefer you can amplify your electronic set through an amplifier. Same thing, if you’re going to be using electronic gear for live purposes, or would just like to be able to play loud, then it’s worth investing in an amp.

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